carriage display at Days of '76 Museum
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Days of ’76 Museum – Exhibits

More than 50 historic wagons, carriages, stagecoaches, and other animal-powered vehicles are on display in the exhibit, Deadwood: A Story of Movement and Change. The 7,000-square-foot exhibit tells the story of how this early transportation system helped settle the American West.  The carriage gallery incorporates a variety of different sounds throughout the exhibit to make a connection with the visitor’s senses, thereby transporting them back in time and place.

Spectacular and colorful panoramic photographs of the local western landscape cover the walls of the gallery. Many vehicles are positioned in front of creative representations of Deadwood’s Main Street, including wooden and brick buildings, a livery stable, a sundries storefront, a fire station, and the porch of an elegant Victorian home. The gallery is full of hands-on components, photo opportunities, and interactive activities that make for a truly memorable experience.

The Firearms Exhibit  tells a layered story of guns both in the Black Hills and throughout American history. Nearly 100 long arms and 20 handguns are presented in unique displays, including examples of the firearms that made American gun designers world-famous. The story of each gun is supported by a fascinating background of photographs, diagrams, and illustrations.


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