Paranormal Investigations of the Adams House

From October 15, 2021 6:00 pm until October 16, 2021 11:59 pm

Deadwood History, Inc. and Black Hills Paranormal Investigations (BHPI) will host Paranormal Investigations of the Historic Adams House on October 15 and 16, and October 22 and 23, 2021, at the historic home located at 22 Van Buren Street, Deadwood. Visitors will participate in a real paranormal investigation with professional paranormal researchers. Investigations are offered at 6:00, 7:30, 9:00, and 10:30 p.m. Tickets are $35 and limited to 20 people per investigation. You must be at least 12 years old to participate. Ages 12 – 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Psychic readings with Dani Jo Butler, owner of Sacred Soul, will be available following each investigation in the gentlemen’s smoking room for $20 per person. Must be an adult to participate and limited to eight people per session. Advance reservations are required. Purchase tickets online at or call 605-722-4800 for more information.  

Participants will search for paranormal activity using night vision cameras, full spectrum cameras, a binoptic anomaly camera, Para Music Box, periscopes, Ovilus, digital audio recorders, Edi Data Logger, and EMF meters. The BHPI team will discuss documenting and analyzing the results of possible paranormal phenomena during the investigation and explain the findings from their recent investigation of the Adams House.