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Adams Museum exterior

Adams Museum

In 1930 pioneer businessman W.E. Adams founded the Adams Museum in Deadwood, with the purpose of preserving and displaying the history of the Black Hills. He donated the building to the City of Deadwood.

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brothel room

The Brothel Deadwood

Deadwood History, Inc. (DHI) launched its new project The Brothel Deadwood with guided tours of the Shasta Rooms or Beige door located at 610 Main Street on the second floor. The tours focus on the interpretation of the century-long history of the brothels in Deadwood.

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Days of '76 Museum Exterior

Days of 76′ Museum

The Days of ’76 celebration began in 1924 as a way to honor Deadwood’s first pioneers – the prospectors, miners, muleskinners, and madams who poured into the Black Hills in 1876 to settle the gold-filled gulches of Dakota Territory. Since then, the Days of ’76 has grown into a legendary annual event with a historic parade and an award-winning PRCA rodeo.

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The Adams House Exterior

Historic Adams House

Built in 1892, the Queen Anne-style home is well-known for its oak interiors, hand-painted canvas wall coverings, stained-glass windows, thoroughly modern 19th century plumbing, electricity, telephone service, and original furnishings.

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woman scanning documents with child

Homestake Adams Research and Cultural Center

The Homestake Adams Research and Cultural Center (HARCC) houses, preserves, and provides public access to one of the nation’s largest collection of Black Hills archival materials. Dating from the 1870s to the present, these materials provide the visitor with a better understanding and appreciation of the people, places, and events that shaped the unique history of the Black Hills.

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Historic Black Hills Studio collage

Fassbender Photographic Collection

Historic Black Hills Studios is home to the Fassbender Photographic Collection. The collection may rank among the most significant photographic resources for historians of the American West.

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